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Cheryl McQueen is a registered nurse who is employed by the Sisters of St. Joseph in Hamilton as overall Coordinator/Consultant for Parish Bereavement Ministry in seven parishes in the Diocese of Hamilton. Read the Post

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As with the latest issue of JLA, I read through this issue, was impressed with the razzle-dazzle homages to the Silver Age (in this case it seemed more Marvel than DC for the most part), but came away feeling like all the little vignettes were a tad disjointed, there didn’t seem to be much beyond those winks and tributes, and I’m not quite sure what Moore’s getting at herein. Read the Post

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There was a time when everyone was looking for personalized social platform and SoundCloud is one such site that has served this very purpose.  Don’t miss special offer and purchase Soundcloud followers for your social profile today! It is true that millions of genuine artists are getting their way to their desired destinations.  The very reason of its popularity is that it’s pretty simple and easy to access music you want and focus on what you have created. Read the Post

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Over a year has passed since the government of B.C. announced the Electronic Highway Accord. The blueprint, to guide British Columbians onto the information highway, boost the high-tech industry and provide electronic government services, has initiated the construction of many on-ramps to the Internet – but the actual roadwork has slowed down.

In print, the Accord is a document envied by other provinces. In practice, it’s getting more complicated as the government struggles to live up to its agreement. The objectives of the Accord, a document based on a partnership between telephone and cable companies, community organizations, educational institutions, libraries and Internet Service Providers, is losing focus as more players enter into the picture. Read the Post

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Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Founded in 1982, Sun sees annual revenues of $6 billion, and is the top producer of workstations. Last year, Sun developed Java, a Net-based programming language that can run across the Internet on any computer. It took the static out of web sites, and added interactivity. Using Java, developers can create applications, such as a word processing program, that can run anywhere. Java is endorsed by leading high-tech companies including AT&T, Novell and Silicon Graphics. Although Microsoft has tried to embrace Java in its Explorer browser, it made an alternative called ActiveX language. Read the Post

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“The big challenge for us is to continue to lead the technology innovation, because the way we compete against Microsoft in particular is by innovating and pushing the state of the art and putting them in a follow position,” Hahn said in an interview with Web Week. Netscape
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“We’ve been immensely successful, so at some point it was going to be worthwhile for the government to look at our industry. In our business we can’t stand still…if we stand still, we are going to get replaced pretty quickly.” Microsoft
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Canada’s telecommunications industry represents a very large and growing revenue base. The ground rules are about to change radically and new players are arming themselves for a fierce battle over your dial-up dollars.

Industry sources estimate that the local telephone access market generates approximately $8 billion per year in Canada. Tack on another $900 million in long distance revenues and the totals are pushing $10 billion nationally. Traditionally, the provincial telephone companies have provided local access while working together under an alliance called The Stentor Group. Companies providing long distance services range from resellers such as ACC TelEnterprises to such international conglomerates such as AT&T, which are forced to operate under Canadian-owned subsidiaries. Read the Post

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Corel is a Canadian giant. From its humble roots as a startup in 1985, it has grown to be the country’s largest independent software firm, helping to create a flourishing computer industry in its native Ottawa and putting Canada on the high-tech map. In many ways it is the Canadian version of Microsoft. Both companies are run by a driven and powerful man, and both have branched out from simple beginnings to influence large areas of the computer world. Read the Post